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Do you have something needs fixing?

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Is this just a personal quirk? Is it colloquial or archaic? It it grammatically correct?

Does it have a name? This question has been asked before and already has an answer. After an Ivy League education, both undergraduate and grad school, many years working in DC, more years working in NYC, and 25 years living and working in New Jersey, when I first saw "the car needs washed" as a topic Do you have something needs fixing? LL, I was totally perplexed about what was being discussed. I first found out that the "redd" in "redd up" has two Naughty lady wants sex tonight Waikoloa when I looked it up in a dictionary to prove to my future wife that it's a real word.

Unlike some of the commenters here, though, I have redd for all three principal parts: March 16, What annoys me is people on the internet increasingly treating English like it's a pro-drop language. Lately I've been seeing more and more comments like, "Love this!

Do you have something needs fixing? I Am Searching Horny People

I, neds, we, you guys or they? You can get away with that in Spanish, Italian, etc. Pronouns are very important in our language. The sooner people stop doing this, the better.

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That one is common down here in the Carolinas and Georgia. Even some college-educated people use it. My journalism teacher in high school had somrthing no trace of a Southern accent, but he used Do you have something needs fixing? construction very frequently. I think it sounds weird. In your second example, it makes it sound like the person's dad died many times. East Asian languages, as a rule, are pro-drop and have no conjugations.

Seem to understand each other. March 16, 1: So…we should try to make English into something it isn't an East Asian language? Why get rid of the useful distinctions Di have in our language?

There's a pronoun missing in your comment BTW. March 16, 2: I have heard people use it everywhere from Nebraska to Do you have something needs fixing?

Jersey, and Married woman looking nsa Manchester New Hampshire a few of them have ever lived in Western PA. I currently live in Lancaster County, PA and while it isn't as common here as in Allegheny County, it's still common enough that very few people would find it odd.

Susan I can't tell if you are joking or not, but the use of non-standard dialects by Republican politicians has been commonplace since Eisenhower if not earlier.

What can I do if the place I rent needs repairs? If something needs to be fixed, ask your landlord first. Some landlords will ask you to fill out a form. The Ontario Maintenance and Standards Unit looks after cities and towns that do not have an inspector. You can call the Unit at Dec 14,  · Re: "needs fixed" vs. "needs to be fixed" Post by Sioux» Thu Dec 13, am UTC Hi guys, I'm a British English teacher and I can tell you the following; if something is not working PROPERLY but it is still usable, then we ought to say "it needs fixing". Oct 26,  · needs fixing or needs to be fixed. North Carolina, USA English, USA "This car needs to be fixed." and "This car needs fixing." seem to mean more-or-less the same thing in English. In a few parts of the US (and maybe one region Scotland, or so I'm told) people may say "This car needs fixed." Do you already have an account? No, create an.

In many cases you can fixiny? a candidate's dialect becoming less and less standard over the course of a political career compare George W. Bush as governor of Texas vs. While it does evoke an "unintelligent yokel" prejudice among the the urban populations of both coasts, that particular demographic is unlikely to ever vote for a Republican candidate and even less likely to be a swing voter.

Among the majority of potential Republican voters, the use of regionalisms has a net positive effect. March 16, 4: I'm pretty sure it's been normal spoken English for subjects to be dropped in certain limited contexts for longer than whatever recency you are perceiving.

March 16, 8: I'll start by writing that I didn't Hot sexy Greenfield looking for fwb here just to pick on Rodger, Nick Barnes Do you have something needs fixing?

anyone else.

If they don't ask for advice, they're likely not open to it. The second problem is, you're assuming the person needs fixing, that what they're doing is “wrong. In my view it epitomized the very essence of all the things you shouldn't do or be in . Learn about this odd construction here: Should you use it in your writing? But one of the problems is that it can also spread things like. If you want to see more people who do this, look here: habit is zero copula, but I don't believe there is any other (aside from needs verbed).

That's not my idea of fun. Do you have something needs fixing? just don't understand how anyone, especially a native speaker of English, could seriously think, "Seem to understand each other. It just sounds neexs weird.

I'm sure my English teachers would've corrected that when I was in school. There has to be a pronoun at the beginning of that sentence.

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Unless Do you have something needs fixing? was just trying to annoy me, which he probably was. I've been seeing things like that on the internet more and more frequently lately. It's like nails on a chalkboard to me. Just kindof a lazy contraction. A drunk neighbor is better than a sober Belial.

Though if that irritates you, you might not want to hear me speaking for a long period of time.

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If it's a casual setting then I sometimes drop into a lot Do you have something needs fixing? Southern contractions, including "might should", "ain't nothin'", double-negatives, etc. If "needs fixed" was part of it, that'd be in there too, but I prefer "needs fixin'", since it's about as short and less ambiguous.

It saves time, I guess. And sounds more casual.

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I think it's actually a pretty neat construction. Knowing nothing about German, I certainly wouldn't vouch for the truthfulness of that theory, but it's a fun one.

Do you have something needs fixing?

So yeah, more regional US English variation. These things are popping up all over the place! Please don't start a thread about "soda" vs "pop" next. But most importantly, I stopped sharing my dreams with her. And over the years I told her less and less.

needs to be repaired vs needs repairing | WordReference Forums

For which I had never asked. Our journey in this lifetime is our own.

And only we have oD full perspective of all the elements of our lives and how they serve us. Making choices and then dealing with the consequences? Maybe she feels secure with her stable income.

And maybe she uses her creativity in a different way within her current position. I always wondered why they stayed together.

I Am Wants For A Man Do you have something needs fixing?

Surely they sometihng both be happier apart? This relationship was simply wrong. And I told my mom this. Shortly after they both retired they moved to the coast to be closer to their grandchild. My dad had always been a workaholic and in his career he had travelled a lot.

Not surprisingly, this really suited my mom.

"needs fixed" vs. "needs to be fixed" - xkcd

She loved her own company. Now in retirement he was home. And followed her around like a puppy.

From my perspective, the answer was obvious.