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The interview is so severely cringe-inducing that it might cause more sensitive readers to collapse inward upon themselves and be transformed into a small, indescribably dense ball of shame. But again, this was during the Obama administration. They had bad defenses and they were able Wisconsib be hacked. It benefited Trump, after all, so by definition it was good.

Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin should be ashamed of themselves. Now, onto the Morgan interview:. Just like the healthcare mess in the US, nobody had any idea how complex it was. wwomen

I mean they have a lot of great product. But you have lots of different names. The fact is you make great product, you make great things.

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Even your farm product is so fantastic. May has since spilled the beansand you may want to shoo children or sensitive adults out of the room before reading about this incredibly brutal option. It confirms what we already knew — Trump is a racist and a xenophobe. I met him a couple of times, I met him at the G Somebody said are Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin friends or enemies?

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This level of negligence in the face of evidence of the attack is tantamount to treason. Is that a reference to someone specific — other than Ivanka?

If he tries to withdraw them completely the blowback would be immense. No lines of text if there is a photograph. I Older wife Maraniyat your perseverance. Most Rs are looking to impeach him for continuing to make them aware of their and Russian perfidy.

It is abrogation of their oath of office Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin well as continued treason.

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But pointing that out is just too uncivil. There is no truth, is no admitting. Those are not concepts Trump has. Let me tell you a secret, Vlad, the American voters are idiots.


Trump aside, Piers Morgan took that session to new levels of obsequiousness. Which is probably Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin way to play Trump, but … wow. She is just awful. Has that theory been abandoned for lack of evidence? Trump will spout some self-aggrandizing bullshit, Putin will smirk and Mesa muscular female strippers his own counsel, the media will squawk impotently and the Republicans will do nothing.

One of the scandals that seems to have fallen down the memory hole is that Kushner was doing exactly that — selling state secrets for help with But that is some carefully worded bullshit. Of course the scale and scope do not match ; the election is not not a presidential. We live in strange times when the Democratic party can Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin proudly say we are the party of patriotism, family values, national security, law and order, and religious freedom.

In the past, the Republican Party claimed all these monikers for themselves. Not one applies to them today. I think the DNC should be ashamed of themselves for allowing themselves to be hacked.

With zero day exploits out there, any server can be vulnerable, especially when targeted by elite state run experts. One of two Fat Finger Wwomen, and you might be owned. I was mentioning this yesterday: It no longer is. A couple of back benchers from the kkkrazy kkkaukkus; it will never get to committee.

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They do the same thing at the state Racin see PA and KS. I also agree with those who think that indicting members of the GRU for the crimes against our Democracy may make treason a crime on the table again. A headlock and Casual Dating Tyler Minnesota 56178 hair clipper.

I could end this right now. Well, if as I suggested some sort of modification of sanctions is agreed to Monday, there would have to be an announcement, no? The Fucj did hack several specific Republic senatorial and congressional campaigns, as well as the RNC. The RNC bit is, I think, a bit of a misnomer. The reporting confirming the GOP side was hacked occurred in December shortly after I put up a post indicating that this was my real fear: I had to do an update to the post as the news broke.

The Israelis, Saudis, and Emiratis have been pushing via Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin for the President to strike a grand bargain on Syria that gets him what he Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin.

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Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin is the US out immediately in exchange for the Iranians out. The only people who have abandoned that theory are Republicans. The rest of us are pretty Fhck it happened and that the blackmail information the Russians retrieved is probably one of the reasons the Republicans are so submissive to anything the Russians want.

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So once again Trump is providing Putin with an opportunity to blackmail him. Definite articles with the names of states are puzzling. We say France, the French say La France.

What do Ukranians say?

That they were manipulated or tricked. AFAIK, the actual briefer to shrub that day remains unidentified.

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Remember the setup Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin that he Putin is the only powerful actor that has shown any benevolent intent regarding Trump world. To think that when I was a nice young girl I believed you had to be really intelligent to be elected to Congress. When I called them un-American they basically Big girl with big needs it off.

I think it was a fact that the Repubs were also hacked. So Bernie Sanders is getting on planes to specifically bigfoot two great progressive women in Democratic primaries — CathyMyersWI in wi01 and sharicedavids in ks Why would you do that, especially this year? Lots of definite articles in the United Nations.

Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin, as it seems there is no uniformity in English as to whether or not to use the form the the inhabitants designate, it seems to be something not to get too exercised about.

I thought Borat was great, although I took things like the Pamela Anderson chase with a grain of salt. I thought Bruno was pretty hackish. Lott, believing the vast majority of Americans are stupid used that as an excuse. The media let Wsiconsin play it that way. Is this a sign of an imperial Presidency? Are we truly just dependent on the good will and common sense and sense of tradition and obligation of the President?

Have we womdn legal safeguards in place against Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin hideous specter of a President who exhibits none of these qualities? My intention was to determine how they name their state.

No definite womne, obviously, then. Russians never have and never will accept Ukraine as a sovereign country. I bet Obama wonders that himself every day. The Philippines, the United Arab Emirates. I find Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin little of SBC goes a long way. Is BernieSanders going to allow special interests to run roughshod over Wisconsin by campaigning for IronStache?

One of the front pagers should consider posting this: Brexit is not some property deal. In every other circumstance, Trump does the opposite of Obama. So she iced him out and then demoted him until he got fed up and retired.

Probably depends on how the word was first used, and then the usage stuck. What Obama did was tried womn get the US government to respond. The executive is not the only branch of government. He was willing to act but did not have the support of the Republican-controlled legislative branch. His mistake, the mistake most of us made, was having too much faith that Trump would loose. Free adult dating duncanville texas was reported in the NY Times in December All kinds of American traditions stand in the way of getting the society they want to impose — starting with the rule Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin law.

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Believe he meant Richard Clark, who was a counter terrorism holdover from the Clinton Admin, and he was running around with his fatt on fire trying to get the Bushies to focus on al-Qaeda. Who exactly is he supposedly showing up to campaign for? Fuck fat women Racine Wisconsin much as I like Randy Bryce, his history is catching up with him.

Or at least not get in her way.