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Looking for a muscle car nut

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You come across a piece of vintage Detroit iron rotting in some field somewhere, so you drop a couple hundred bucks, pull the thing out of the weeds, and get it back to your garage.

In its first five years on sale, Ford sold over 2.

Amazingly, virtually every part on these half-century old cars is still being manufactured, and can still be found at reasonable prices. The Mustang is an undisputed icon.

Looking for All BB Hoods for a Muscle Car Tribute | For B Bodies Only Classic Mopar Forum

So if you see a rotten year-old Chevy selling for next to nothing on Craigslist, roll up your sleeves. With some elbow grease, deep pockets, and knowledge of the Rochester mechanical fuel injection system, you can transform your V8-powered hulk into a horsepower straight-line rocket.

For some gearheads, the Mustang may have been the first ponycarbut the GTO was the first proper muscle car. Of those, about one quarter came with the big block V8. It seems like everyone loves the business in the front, party in the back El Camino SS, and with good reason.

Legendary Muscle Cars: Jay Leno - Certified Car Nut

Rust can be a problem with all that sheetmetal, but places like The El Camino Store offer correct replacement msucle to bring even the sorriest looking trucks back to life. Find the nearest Looking for a muscle car nut you can, bring it back to life with Original Parts Group and Year One parts, drop in a cubic-inch V8, and roast some rear tires.

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You can thank us later. The good-looking fourth-generation Dart arrived forand over its nine-year production run it could be had with anything from a thrifty cubic inch slant-six, to a big-block V8.

Pick one up for a few thousand bucks, and build it Looking for a muscle car nut way. The midsize Torino was launched as a more luxurious Fairlane, but quickly became a Mustang alternative for people who wanted Lopking different. The top Torino Cobras put out horsepower, and could run the quarter mile in under 14 seconds.

Muscle Cars for Sale, Classic Muscle Cars - Hotrodhotline

Thanks to a healthy aftermarket, you can get a project car and build it the way you want without breaking the bank. But with its steel body, short wheelbase, and classic proportions, it was all muscle car.

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Looking for a muscle car nut Only available with V8s with power ranging from to horsepower, the two-seat AMX was anything but boring. Today, strong aftermarket support especially for an orphan brand and an active enthusiast community mean that even the most neglected AMXs have a fighting chance of making dor back onto the road. Released at a time when Detroit was just starting to rediscover serious performance, the Grand National and GNX were some of the most formidable performance cars of their day.

Nowadays, any Regal-based turbo Buick is worth saving. Launched inthe Mercury Cougar was a slightly bigger, more luxurious sports coupe based closely on the Mustang.

And compared to skyrocketing Mustang prices, these Mercurys are still a relative bargain.

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Healthy aftermarket support means that once difficult-to-find parts are now back in production, meaning even the sorriest examples can get a second Looking for a muscle car nut. Selecting the High Output option meant horsepower and pound-feet of torque from the engine, which rocketed the massive car from zero to 60 in a still-impressive 3.

Cheap, plentiful, and incredibly easy to modify, these cars are the perfect gateway to cheap American speed. Thanks to a healthy aftermarket, you can build a Fox Body any way you want, from a faithful restoration to a brutally fast hot rod. Dodge launched the Super Bee get it?

He elaborates below on why and how old cars make us nuts. It won't make me look very normal, though, because running a classic car isn't a very sensible A classic car is something to waste money on and generally fret. Perhaps it's no surprise to know that Mitt Romney is a car nut. Randolph, New Hampshire – and even offered to buy a classic car. Romney can hide his Bain bailout money in Europe,look who is the patriotic idiot in here. They're no remote-controlled VW, but these muscle car USB drives are pretty Looks like a choice of a '59 Bonneville (Muscle HOTTRod), '

Today, virtually every part you cwr is being remanufactured. By the second half of the s, midsize muscle cars dominated the American performance landscape.

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And in Super Sport trim, it could be ordered with the cubic inch L72 engine, Looking for a muscle car nut cranked out a whopping horsepower. The first-generation Firebird is largely overshadowed by its platform-mate, the Chevy Camaro. But we love the Firebird for its great proportions, understated styling, and classic Pontiac power.

But chances are, even if you find a wrecked General Lee somewhere, you could probably bring it back to life.

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When it was redesigned inthe Nova became a massive success for Chevy. No matter what was under the hood, it was a muscular, good-looking compact car. And in top SS trim, the Nova could be ordered with the cubic inch big block V8, which put out an impressive horsepower.

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Today, virtually every part is relatively easy to track down from a number of suppliers. With horsepower and an Looking for a muscle car nut pound-feet of torque, the GSX the hottest Gran Sport had the most torque of any American production car until the introduction of the second-generation Dodge Viper in Not many were built, but with a healthy aftermarket, you can easily bring one back from the dead. But there was one exception: The original Mustang was based on the Ford Falcon.

When it launched mmuscleits long option list was copied by Ford when it introduced the Mustang a few years later. With the turbo bolted onto the rear-mounted, air-cooled flat-six, the Monza put out an impressive horsepower.

In its day, these hot Corvairs were known to hold their own against Porsche s in races. A prettier second-generation Corvair launched inand turbocharged Corsa models cranked out as much as horsepower.