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Tired of being alone looking for love

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You are submissive to him and him alone. When you could be having the real thing.

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Laying a foundation for love requires us to let go looknig the past and begin anew without old baggage. What we feed it thought-wise ultimately controls our experiences in love. Negative beliefs work in the opposite direction of rose colored glasses. This is called neuro mapping.

The more neuro pathways we have, the busier our LPF is looking for proof. Can you say hypersensitive?

With our every thought, we have two choices: Good or bad, your left pre-frontal cortex has your back and will prove your every thought to be correct.

I have a few exercises alonne you to begin this process. Who we attract in our life is a direct reflection on our self-esteem.

Each exercise has two parts: I suggest doing this in the evening before bedtime. Now gather some blank paper and a pen. Find something soft to sit on in front of your toilet.

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This can be done at any time of day. Trust me, we are blasting your brain with new neuro-pathways.

You might start out listing obvious traits like: Write all of your negative thoughts down. Now to seal or deal I have one last exercise for you.

Now you know why I want you to read your two positive lists daily.

Not up for rearranging things? Shaman photo photo credit: Post photo photo credit: Georgie Pauwels via photopin cc. Think about the ramifications this has on your love life. Georgie Pauwels via photopin cc Has my post helped you?

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