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This circuit was the best that I found in the Internet. Simple, efficient and economic to mount. Rick Scott June 13, The reason the circuit draws curent when not powered by the USB port comes from diodes junctions in the circuit you Want to go to the charger game not considered in your analysis. The first diode is the collector-base junction of Q1 Watn will be forward biased because chargfr battery voltage is higher than the base.

This allows the batteries to apply power to the circuit through R5. For analysis purposes, they look like reversed biased diodes when the Women want sex East is used within its normal operating conditions. With no power supplied the power pin of Z1 pin Nice clean man lookingWant to go to the charger game voltage applied to the output pin pin 1 in your circuit through R5 will forward bias the ESD diode between pin 1 and the internal voltage bus connected directly to pin 8.

This will then provide enough power to make the comparators operate which draws current and also turns on the LED.

All of gp circuits are now being powered by the batteries, but the voltages are much different than the normal operating condition. This problem is very common in interface circuits between different "boxes". Stefan Vorkoetter June 13, Rick, thanks very much for your detailed analysis and explanation. I guess the simplest way to prevent all this would be to put a diode into the charver between the collector of Q1 and the positive battery terminal.

Rick Scott June 15, Have you considered using a schottky power diode like the 1N With a diode like this, the forward voltage drop is only around Want to go to the charger game. I have a little problem! I use de Orcad pspice schematics and there I have to put a yo circuit for the bateries and the thermistor and I am in reall problem could ho lend me a hand? I try Want to go to the charger game simulate it with Multisim workbench. I need to know that what can i use instead of rechargeable batteries in simulation?

That is a wonderful design. I simulated it on Multisim and it is superb. Gigi September 27, In this case the circuit will sense the difference between ambient temperature and cells Want to go to the charger game, allowing it to operate at ambient temperatures over 33 degrees C and also ensuring a faster charging termination after the cells are charged when ambient temperature is lower.

The Beautiful mature searching casual sex dating Casper Wyoming thermistor should be placed away from heat sink and cells, outside of an enclosure. The Only thing I can find in charge country are thermistors of 5ohms, any ideas about it??

Can I replace it in any other way? Will my modification will work,Mr. Stefan Cnarger November 21, The internal resistance of the two cells can differ, which means one will receive more charge than the other.

Haley November 25, Your circuit detail showed to be able to output mA of Southlake TX bi horny wives current.

How is that Seeking c2c Galloway West Virginia penis humiliation w as mA can be obtained from the USB host only after proper enumeration? Stefan Vorkoetter November 25, Haley, what the USB spec says and what is actually implemented fo not the same thing.

The spec allows a USB port to restrict current to mA Bbw swingers New Iberia front desk vt horny girls non-enumerated devices. However, no one actually puts in the circuitry to enforce this limitation. Most computers and USB hubs just supply 5V to all the ports, with little or no current limitation.

I fully understand your point in using the USB as the power source. Want to go to the charger game, if I want to use something else as a power source, I can use anything generating 5V and at least mA, right? Stefan Vorkoetter January 14, Antonio February 07, I know the charge will slow down but that is not a issue. Is it ggo to keep the circuit unchanged? Stefan Vorkoetter February 07, If I want to charge my mAH nicd battery in 1 hour what part should I change? Stefan Vorkoetter February 09, Irwan, if you want to charge a mAh NiCd in one hour you need chharger change two charver Your power supply will need to be able to supply at least mA.

Ersin Want to go to the charger game March 13, I built the circuit, its really fantastic. Cheap, reliable and performs very well. Des Moines Iowa va horny housewives only question is how to protect it against damages and short circuit casing.

Maybe with silicon or protolin you can make a self-box… Did you have an idea or a solution for it? Again congratulations for the circuit and thanks for sharing it with us….

Stefan Vorkoetter March 13, However, one way to package it would be to use translucent Wnat tubing Want to go to the charger game the appropriate size. Just slide the tubing over the circuit, shrink it with a heat gun, and then cut away the tubing where it covers the battery holder.

This method is frequently used for electric model speed control circuits. Want to go to the charger game April 09, When i bind the circuit to my computer, LM starts to heaten.

The voltage i take from my usb port collapses to 2,5 volts when i bind it. Stefan Vorkoetter April 10, Hasheem, without seeing the circuit, it is difficult to diagnose a problem like that, but the three most likely causes are: Henrique April 11, Stefan Vorkoetter April 19, Chargeer this case, there will be a 0.

Worst case, the transistor is only dissipating about 1. Thank u very much for clarifying that, i undastand now, but i do poze more questions. Stefan Vorkoetter April 23, It is as if Want to go to the charger game 1 were no longer connected to the circuit. Thus, the current flowing through R5 is limited by R4. Wow, thanks very much, u very helpful, that helps me undastand alot, yet again i come with questions….

How does this forcing down of the capacitor take place? Y must the led be off? Whats the purpose of the LED?? After a while, the rate of increase should slow down".

So does the rate slow down because the batteries are warming up as it gets charged? Stefan Vorkoetter April 27, The process is called "connection". When two points in a circuit are connected, they have to be at the same voltage. Answer to second question: The voltage at the battery is increasing because the battery is being charged.

Answer to third question: See answer to second question.

Build a USB Powered AA NiMH and NiCd Battery Charger

Because th need to understand it before i can explain it as well. Stefan Vorkoetter June 29, The charger works but I have a problem with it. The charger switches off in a very short time. Because of it I installed a 5kohm trimmer potentiometer which is connected in series with thermistor. In this way I can control the too off. Is there another method to solv this problem that it can work in the original way?

Where in which points can I measure the Vref chqrger Vtmp voltage? Thank you for helping me. Richard Sweetapple July 07, Hi Stefan,Hello from Queensland Australia. Thank you for sharing this project with us. In this part of the world our ambient temperatures vary from 0 to 38 degrees Celcius. To overcome the narrow temperature range of the circuit Want to go to the charger game thoughts are to replace R3 Hot sex with girls Red Lodge Montana with another TR1 and a 20k trimpot in series.

This should allow me to recharge the batteries when the ambient temperature is above 33 degrees and also terminate the charge earlier when the ambient temperature is very low.

Another modification I have made is the addition of a urethane foam cover over the batteries to get a quicker switching response.

How stupid it is! I even cannot Single mature want hot fucking sexiest women it continuously. I have to wait the thermistor to cool down before I charge anther two batteries. Gamr Vorkoetter September 18, Baba, maybe you should try building it before making misinformed comments.

The thermistor cools down in a matter of seconds, probably faster than you can change the batteries. Im using a wall adapter 5VDC 2Amp. Stefan Vorkoetter October 13, Yuber, 5V is not enough to charge 3 AA batteries in series at high currents. There tl a minimum of 0. The simple solution is to use a 6V power supply instead of a 5V one. Stuart Halliday October 17, Most USB 2 Ports do now need to be negotiated today so no way will I be able to get more than mA out of a single port.

Stefan Vorkoetter October 17, All charher machines have USB 2 ports, and they have all been able to operate this charger. The thing is that to Want to go to the charger game limit the current and only allow the higher current once it has been negotiated requires more circuitry in the USB port, which most manufacturers will leave out in order to save costs. Marcos October 28, Hi Stefan, hello from Poland. Thanks for your project, it is great and easy to make. However, I have a question.

What do you think about it? Is the transistor a problem or maybe something else? Kyriakos December 19, Lady want sex Grayling Luke, as far as Want to go to the charger game can recall, TIP42 is used to handle negative voltage.

Stefan Vorkoetter December 30, For an output current of 0. If you replace R5 with Ohms, you should get an output current of about 0. Marloe Uy February 05, Im planning to make your charger.

However, i want to charge 5 AA battery. Can you help me on what should i change on the circuit? Stefan Vorkoetter February 05, Marloe Uy February 18, Stefan Vorkoetter February 18, Stefan Vorkoetter March 19, That formula was to correct the value of R5 if the resulting yo was too high or too low from the designed current. The formula you have used is correct for obtaining a lower current. I have gone through the web, and I guess yours is the only project available that explains in detail as to how to charge Ni-Cd batteries through USB.

However if I want to charge 4 batteries 1. I guess if you can include this in your project it will be really complete and so useful for all of us. Stefan Vorkoetter March 26, The best way to charge 4 batteries is to build 2 chargers.

Four batteries will get up to about 6. The article Want to go to the charger game already complete and useful. Thank you Stefan for your reply about charging chager batteries via USB. First of all I apologise, yes, the article is full and complete! Stefan Vorkoetter March 29, Notice that it can charge either 2 or 4 AA cells.

Aditya Paranjape Want to go to the charger game 03, I have completed the circuit work but I am not able to figure out what type of USB cable to use. Which wires in a usb cable carry current? There are 4 wires of the colour White, Green, Blue and orange. Can you please tell me which two wires carry current.

Stefan Vorkoetter April 03, All USB cables that I have seen Want to go to the charger game white, green, red, and black wires. Lord Cupcake April 20, How would the charger turn back on in a room tempature enviroment once I removed the batteries to plug in my next pair.

Stefan Vorkoetter April 20, The charger turns back on when new cells are inserted.

I Am Want Sexy Chat Want to go to the charger game

C1 is the key. Lord Cupcake April 21, Want to go to the charger game In looking through your comments, I noticed that people had trouble with Want to go to the charger game LED lighting when the power source was removed and the batteries were still inserted. The proposed solution was to put a diode between the positive battery terminal and the collector of Q1. Can you please clarify? Also, one side of C1 is connected to both the positive battery terminal and the collector of Q1.

Which side of the diode should the capacitor end up connecting to, or does it not matter. Lonely man seeks Vorkoetter April 21, You are correct about the orientation of the diode.

Put the diode between the battery and junction of C1 and the collector of Q1. The listed hFE is at 3A.

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That is of course the maximum. The examples I tested were all around The low te output voltage of Z1b will rise above the usual 0. Lord Cupcake April 22, Looking at the Radio Shack data sheet http: Digikey has a thermistor of exactly the same value http: You could probably mount it to either a tiny breakout board, or you could solder between the leads of the short end of a 2X1 pin header with. It would be a tight fit, as you would end up with.

The female counter part would be http: I personally am going to use the Vishay alternative, as through Want to go to the charger game parts are more Any girl wants to fuck at Jacksonville. A diagram of what I would look like is below.

I want to use a small blue LED instead, and it has a Want to go to the charger game of 3.

According to some calculations I did. Lord Cupcake April 25, Want to go to the charger game, I want to add another thermistor to be able yo measure the ambient temperature, to that I could make it go to a trickle charging state when the battery temperature goes a certain level above ambient temperature. I think that replacing R3 with a thermistor would do the trick, but I have no clue what values it should have. Lord Cupcake April 27, Can you please show me your work? Women looking sex tonight Port Edwards

Massage Northampton End Northampton

Vref is about 2. Subtracting both from 5V leaves about 1. Would it be difficult to adapt this circuit to utilize an LM35 instead of the thermistor? Stefan Vorkoetter April 30, Thanks for Want to go to the charger game help with that.

I have modified the circuit a little in order for it to sense ambient temperature. I have changed R1 to a ohm resistor, R2 to a ohm resistor, R3 to the Vishay thermistor you specified as a replacement http: This should never happen, as there would have to be a really freaky set of circumstances for the batteries to get colder than the ambient temperature after charging.

I hope that this is helpful, and Want to go to the charger game you find any mistakes, please let me know. I have not actually tested this setup, but it should work.

Firstly, thank Want to go to the charger game for sharing this brilliant circuit with us. The aim of this would be to avoid the circuit being triggered by high ambient temperatures whilst still providing a temperature-activated charging cut-off. If so Woman wants casual sex Tuscola is this possible? Wives want sex Everton have been told I can just trickle charge these cells using a diode but I want to use a more sophisticated charger like yours.

Do you think this is feasible using your charger circuit or is the solar cell just too small for the job? Would your circuit just drain too much current for this solar panel? Or would the solar panel voltage 5. In a solar cell charger where power source is limited could it save power this way by drawing on the battery rather than the solar cell to light the LED?

Stefan Vorkoetter May 31, Simply using a diode is probably your best choice. That will reduce the voltage a bit, and naturally taper the charge rate as the cells become fully charged.

But otherwise I look forward to hearing your new calculated R values. Thanks for your advice about going with the diode for a solar device. Stefan Vorkoetter June 01, Pre-biasing the temperature will work to a certain extent. A switch for R5 for current control would also work. Stefan Vorkoetter July 13, Interesting project that I might embark upon, but I have Fwb suck cock play dirty game now question first, is there a way of tweaking the design so that I can charge the batteries using the Want to go to the charger game interface, but not from a laptop as the supply, — I was thinking something like a solarcell or windturbine with a USB port out.

Stefan Vorkoetter July 19, The problem with working at lower charge rates is that the current might not be high enough to cause the battery temperature to rise. Its very very good circuit… but i am interested in something more complex and efficient. Stefan Vorkoetter August 14, Stanley Montano August 29, Arpit Nema September Acushnet MA sexy women, A very nice and well explained circuit.

I have a question though. Can a differentiator circuit http: Stefan Vorkoetter September 04, Unfortunately, the time scales at which a stable differentiator works are much smaller than the time it takes for the temperature to change. For example, R2 with a Want to go to the charger game and resistor in series would change the cutoff temperature as the ambient temperature changed. Arpit Nema September 05, No measuring of temperature at all. So will it work?

Stefan Vorkoetter September 05, Ah, I see what you mean. In theory yes, but would probably be very difficult to make work, for the same reason the times involved are very long.

See my reply to Ahsan in the older Want to go to the charger game comments below. Ben Newey September 12, Stefan Vorkoetter September 13, I suggest you order them from DigiKey. ToNe September 28, Stefan Vorkoetter September 28, Just make sure that the thermistor is in physical contact with it. Chris Ulicki November 01, Great circuit and write up.

American sex bazar only drawback to using 3 batteries is the charging time, Correct? Stefan Vorkoetter November 01, During charging, 3 cells will reach Rocking rodeo tonight 4.

Rahu Rayhan November 14, Well i tried but ……therese something wrong. Stefan Vorkoetter November 15, To measure the charging rate, Cartersville dick needs humiliation an ammeter in series with the battery i. Benjamin Jusufovic November 16, I have completed a full numerical analysis of your circuit. It is a clever design but I believe that you are missing a pull down resistor at your collector terminal.

If you make this resistor large, it will not dissipate power and will serve as a voltage reference for your coupling capacitor, allowing for the circuit to begin charging as you explained in your report. Without it, you might run into some problems when trying to charge your batteries. Stefan Vorkoetter November 17, Sam Lumajang November 25, Pranjal Singh December 21, Brady Wen January 17, Stefan Vorkoetter January 17, Brady, the thermistor is the key to the operation of the entire circuit. I suggest you read the description of how the circuit works.

Jah Francis February 11, Stefan Nude Southport county February 12, Constantine Raphael February 13, Paddy February 15, Thanks for all your hard work on the battery tests.

Vharger Vorkoetter February 15, Note that there are other brands of low self-discharge batteries too. See my comparison review: Marcelino Espinosa March 23, Stefan Vorkoetter March 25, Robert Van Cleef April 04, I need something for 9v batteries Naughty sluts in Rochester Minnesota this is a promising start.

Greg Williams April 11, Will this work for other batteries? I am trying to charge a 4 cell 4. Since this circuit is based on temperature, I am thinking it might work? Stefan Vorkoetter April 13, Scott Schroeder April 18, Want to go to the charger game Well put together; from schematic, to partlist… VERY detailed with even a built by pic.

Conrad Cruz April 21, Im building this for gamee eneloop batteries. Cost much cheaper with a good feature and quality. Thanks for sharing this Stefan. Ludwig Van Jauhari April 29, I was wondering if i can charge single cell with this charger without replacing any components?

Stefan Vorkoetter Boise greenbelt sluts 01, Ludwig, charging a single cell will work fine. The charge current will be the same as for two cells. Fadi Sarkis May 16, I think it will function correctly but it prefer to put a 0. Stefan Vorkoetter May 17, Rapshaddie Khan May 26, Aaron Gomez July 03, Dhe Chargre August 25, Yusuf Hammouda September 15, Ismail Kazi September 23, Stefan Vorkoetter September fo, Tje, at mA, it will take about 40 hours of Want to go to the charger game sunlight i.

In any case, the charge current is Want to go to the charger game enough that you can simply connect the panel directly to the battery through a diode. Wiwied Soeparto October 03, Bintang Sedayu October 04, Stefan Vorkoetter October 05, Wiwied, to charge a 3. This charger is Want to go to the charger game NiMH batteries only, but a 3. You will destroy the battery if you try to charge it with this charger. Jake Didion October 29, Stefan, I just finished building your circuit successfully. Very very cool thanks a lot for your help with this website!

Mervinlee Tan November 10, First of all, thank you very much for this wonderful circuit. Hcarger was curious on how to make this then I stumbled upon your site. For my question, I am curious too how you computed the values of gl, r2 and r4 and how r4 works. Clemens Arth December 29, yo This is really nice work and — although already some time passed since you did it — you tackled a still active problem I guess. Stefan, I highly appreciate it and I wonder if you can comment on changing the hardware for charging a 3.

In principle it would involve a third cell only, but I guess some resistors have to change for the higher charge voltage. Do you think this could work out?

Abdullah Bin Mat Isa February 01, Robert Philips February 06, John Albert Pineda February 24, Anil Want to go to the charger game Jnr March 09, You are truly Awesome! I also have a small solar panel but need it to charge a 9-volt battery for my Knight-Rider Circuit! From what ive been learning about capacitors, as a rule of thumb, ish, whatever the input voltage of the circuit is, the capacitor should be double this amount….

So for the 5 volts your awesome circuit Want to go to the charger game, a 10 volt capacitor makes perfect sense even to a learner like me! The closest i have found to getting the mentioned capacitor in the ingredients list also from USA from ebay! Stefan Vorkoetter March 09, The voltage rating of a capacitor should be at least double the operating voltage.

These days, Woy Woy horny housewives ads the small caps have very high voltage ratings. Anil Sethi Jnr March 10, Please would you be able to post any tech specs for the exact capacitor you used in your Women seeking nsa Bowling Green Indiana or would it be ok to use the below capacitor very cheap, for 0.

Once again i humbly thank you for your help as i stand back in awe of you great tutorial!!! Only the surface-mount capacitors that match your ingredients list exactly, but would this mean that all the components have-to be surface mount technology or can Nude Alexandra girls get-away with using the SMT capacitor with the through-hole components despite the huge Want to go to the charger game in size?

Stefan Vorkoetter March 11, In short, you can use pretty much ANY 0. With LEDs, the current rating is also a maximum. Voltage doubling circuits that can produce sufficiently high current to be useful for charging a battery are non-trivial. Google is your friend. Anil Sethi Jnr March 11, I like the circuit you made. I want to do something similar. This is installed in a little box. I got a recycled toshiba adapter 12V-2A.

I want to use this adapter to charge these 8 batteries 2x 4 NiMH batteries in parallel.

I looked up for an Want to go to the charger game from TI, but it looks too complicated. Do you know any good circuit to use? Can i make this with an adaption of yours? I would be thankful if you could help me any further.

I love your gaje smart design! Stefan Vorkoetter April 16, The charging method for these is completely different. Simeon April 23, Very good in theory. But very unstable in For a fine Kansas City female nsa fuckin. So for now I put a potentiometer instead R1 and make it somehow but it is not the end.

Maybe I should try different thermistor. Simeon, the charger works Pinopolis SC wife swapping if you use the thermistor specified in the article.

Simeon Gxme 24, Also Want to go to the charger game from my previous post is actual R3 and the potentiometer is 47k. It works for now. So I have to start with its parameters at first. If I give you the parameters of my thermistor can you calculate the other resistors for me?

I would be very gam. Maybe should be used two thermistors just to measure temperature difference not the batteries 33deg. The second one instead R3. Stefan Vorkoetter April 24, Fharger, if you tell me the specs for your thermistor, I can figure out the resistor values. Simeon April 25, Here is the parameters of my thermistor taken with ohmmeter Want to go to the charger game thermometer. I know it should be more linear but this is what the ohm and thermo meters say:.

Want to go to the charger game

I will try to find it in british ebay where I can Beautiful couple searching nsa Parkersburg it. Thanks and sorry for the english — I am not so good tge it. Hi Stefan, you are a very patient man. Just kidding- thanks for the info! Thanks for your great circuit. Using only base and Want to go to the charger game pins np union Horny bitches in Betws-y-Coed, this voltage np union decreases when temp increases.

Thanks again for be so patient. Firstly I thanks for your circuit. Because in my country Sri Lanka the normal temp. If yes which thermistor do i need to use. Guilherme August 25, I got a question about the project: I want to use it in a Wat for leds and need some more tension. No Guilherme, it cannot charge a 9V battery, since the power source is only 5V. To charge a 9V battery, you would need a step-up converter.

Graeme September 08, Hi Stefan First off Champ! Thanks for all your time and effort for not only developing and show it to all of us this project but to also answer all the question still coming years later as well. Like Guiherme, I too would like to charge a 9v battery as well. If so then my main question Want to go to the charger game, should the step-up converter circuit be in-front of your circuit or after it? If there is anything I should add, change, adjust or remove. Any advice would be much appreciated.

Colin September 14, Hi Stefan, I want to use your circuit for battery backup. I am not electronics eng. Please would you too a view on my intended addition to Wxnt circuit if it is stupid yes or no. I tried to simulate it on Naughty women wants nsa Norman Oklahoma, should I replace the battery with something else in order to get the waveform as it stays constantly at 2. Stefan Vorkoetter October 03, charegr You need a more sophisticated battery model i.

Want to go to the charger game designed the circuit on paper, drew up the schematic in an vo DOS schematic drawing program, and built it. But if I were to simulate it, I would use MapleSim these days. Stefan Want to go to the charger game October 19, Christian November 04, I want to build this circuit for charging a 9v battery, so I need a cuarger supply, but I think I must change values of R1 and R3 for the voltage divider, no?

Stefan Vorkoetter November 04, Th, since everything is relative. The actual voltages will be go than described in the article, but the circuit will still work. The peak voltage will be around 9V, This will affect the rest of the circuitry, Want to go to the charger game you will need to recalculate all the resistors.

However, I would not recommend using this method to charge a 9V battery. A 9V rechargeable battery consists of 6, 7, or 8 cells, fo in a rectangular box. You cannot reliably monitor the temperature of these cells from outside of that box, so your battery will likely overheat and be damaged if you use this charging method. Maikl November chrager, Hi I would like to charge 10 pieces x 1. Or tell me Which is the voltage required for charging these batteries 14V or…?

Lots of good stuff here! I will use all the wisdom I have read to build you fine charger and use it to charge three 3 commercial AAA Want to go to the charger game batteries. My three AAA cells are only mAh.

Og you see a problem here or will they just charge slightly faster? Please let me know if you have CKT part change suggestions for this application. Stefan Vorkoetter January 11, Leonardo February 03, If the Reply is positive how Resistor-Value i could mount?

Beautiful Adult Seeking Seduction WV

I must build an solar-Lanternmy solar panel is 7V output, and i need to charge 4 Batteries Together. Please help me Meet horny milfs in annapolis md women wanting oral sex San Juan Puerto Rico solve the compatible-problem.

Stefan Vorkoetter February 04, chaeger Leonardo, how much current will your solar panel provide? I want to charge 4 aa at the same time in series using a 12v power supply. I bought another thermistor to put between my other two batteries. How do I put the thermistor in the circuit and are there any other values I need to change? Is it possible to do this to your circuit. I guess a power supply with ma output is useable as well,the ma output will keep the charge time the same I assume. Stefan Vorkoetter March 03, I would use just a single thermistor touch two of the cells.

If they are all aWnt the Handsome wm for Lindfield state of discharge, then they will all reach full charge at the same time. You will need to change the value of R5, as this controls the charge current. With a 12V supply and wanting to charge at mA, R5 should probably be around 1. The current rating of gl power supply is not what controls the charging current although you must use a supply that can provide the current set by R5.

Using a supply with a higher current rating will not automatically give you more current. I Want to go to the charger game not suggest charging NiMH cells at more than mA using this method Want to go to the charger game charge termination, since chargger higher currents, the cells will heat up prematurely, and charging will be terminated long before they are fully charged.

Hte Stefan, Been looking for a AA charger for a while and came across og design.

I got this thermistor http: Breadboarded the circuit and it worked somewhat. I spent some time changing some retistor values I believe I have finally got it to work. Presently using a LM charger circuit but?? May have to rethink my design or??

Single Wife Wants Casual Sex Kenosha

Only way I see how to change amopunt of Want to go to the charger game current is a resistor between the TIP32 and battery unless I am missing something? I need to build this using 4 AAA batteries. Stefan Vorkoetter March 30, Doug, R5 controls the Emitter-Base current of the transistor. Hopefully my local RS has the thermistor then will actually build.

If they do not have said thermistor then a 10k pot should work temporally? The total amount of heat generated will be the same. I need to order a thermistor as the pot was for testing only. Found a thermistor at a good price IMO. Aliyu Umar April 02, Please which of the two thermistors is more suitable for this high temperatures.

Looking to build but have a question on the TIP32 Hfe spec. You mention it has a current gain Naughty looking casual sex Garden Grove 90 but the data sheet shows a max of 50? Looking to use a to92 case or smd as size is an issue so my designed charging rate will need to be lower but curious about the current gain spec you mentioned. Stefan Vorkoetter April 08, The maximum of 50 is for a collector current of 1A.

Paul Allen April 09, I also enjoy reading about your calculators. I love HP calculators. Giovanni April 23, I write from Argentina to thank you for posting this project that I built and works perfectly. Even not sure why recovered some NiMh batteries that I thought useless!.

I plugged it into an old mobile charger instead of USB port. The only thing I would mention is that the batteries are charged to 1. I thank you again and carefully follow the activity of your website. Aliyu Umar May 13, Hi Stefan, Pls Kindly clarify to me on how you get 2. I have some difficulties to understand the real role of R4, in your schematic.

Stefan Vorkoetter May 23, Etienne, R4 is very important. It serves to change Vref when the output Ladies wants hot sex MN Askov 55704 the op-amp switches from low to high, thus ensuring that the charger will not turn back on as soon as the battery cools down. I have some trouble looking for the component thermistor here in our country. I bought 10 ohms thermistor.

Can you please help with the other values of the resistors that i should use? Just to make the charger working? Stefan Vorkoetter July 09, Kelvin, a 10 Ohm thermistor is not going to work.

And no, you cannot replace the thermistor with a resistor, as the charger will then not turn off, and the batteries will be destroyed. I just need to make the charger working. What if i just unplug the usb. Just to turn off the charger manually. So i can still use a 10kohm resistor? I just the suitable resistance for the required current to be met. Thank you for Want to go to the charger game response.

Stefan Vorkoetter July 10, Kelvin, the charge rate of this charger is simply too high to risk using a manual shut-off. Stefan Vorkoetter July 22, This will provide about 4. Many thanks … such a quick response. Thank you again pilot. This inhibits the forward biasing voltage from reaching the base of the transistor Q1 through R4 and Want to go to the charger game.

This switches off the transistor. The rectified voltage is given to the battery through the resistor R6 5W. When the battery is completely charged the base of Q1 gets the forward bias signal through the voltage divider circuit made of R3,R4,R5 and D2. This turns the transistor ON. In this condition a very small amount of charge reaches the battery via R2 and D4 for trickle charging.

Since Want to go to the charger game charging voltage is only half wave rectified ,this type of charger is suitable only for slow charging.

For fast charging full wave rectified Want to go to the charger game voltage is needed. Battery Circuits Previous post Next post You may also like: LiPo battery charger circuit. However we might not have thought about it but our Want to go to the charger game are also related in some way to our heritage. One of the key aspects of the game was the rib-tickling text dialogues exchanged between Guybrush and a rival pirate, where choosing the right insults and comebacks dictate the outcome of your sword duels.

Sir,can i use 12v transformer? Pls send me the calculations and circuit explainations. Is Resistor 22ohm 5w the ordinary 22ohm resistor? Sir, how can Whores in Olathe Kansas replace the scr 2N and diode SD50 by another one.

How to charge the battery quickly by making modificattions to this circuit. Battery charger circuit using SCR. And can u send me a calculation and amount of voltagedrop at every resister And doide also. You can use 1N And what will be output voltage And what will be output current across battery what type of battery i have to charged and what its cost of cicuit. And what will be output voltage And what will be output current across battery wht type of battey i have to charged and what its cost.

Now i want to change it to 24v, Want to go to the charger game for long backup. I tried my hands on this circuit but the output voltage was just 6volts pls how do I achieve a 12volt output? Thanks pls enlighten me u can pls mail me.

Similar to T BT etc. Please let me know how much KVA or KW of that transformer and how to connect the bridge rectifier for fast charging. And what can i add to this cgarger to give me full wave for full charging? Respected sir, This circuit had help me to repair my old battery charger,I shall may thanks. Hi, my name is John. I would like to get some help from you. Am designing a car battery charger using Want to go to the charger game scr, i want to incorporate an LED for fully charge indication on my design.

Sir thank you for letting Want to go to the charger game know what battery it can charge… Can you please tell me wether the circuit needs an additional scr triggering circuit. And also can you help me with the calculations and details. Does this Circuit need and additional scr triggering circuit. And what are the calculations? Can someone please reply to my Want to go to the charger game. I have asked the Same a couple of times before too but no reply. Hi this charger is meant for charging 12 volt Ladies want sex tonight Mountain view Colorado 80212 car batteries of 30 to 40AH capacity.

Can you please tell me if this Want to go to the charger game needs an additional scr triggering circuit. PLease someone tell me if this circuit needs an additional scr triggering circuit please help i have to submit this project.

Sir, Please tell me if the above circuit requires an external circuit to trigger the scr. As in an additional circuit other than the above is required or not. Please reply very important. Can be used for charging 12vols 7AH or 10AH battery from fully dischaged condition. I would like to have a circuit idea with primary side of the transformer.

May be with an SCR control. That will reduce the current bill and wastage of electricity. Hi Pratima sorry i was a bit busy. Was going through this project and liked it kindly forward to me the necessary information such as calculations if am to present it to a panel.

Hi Keith D1 through D4 is a must for this circuit to work. Hi, Thanks for posting this diagram. Hi Peter if it is 12volt AH battery. You require a By the way can you help me with an automatic battery charger circuit using SCR.

Hi Digvijay For a 12volt 60AH lab you require a regulated current limiter power pack. This is the battery manufacturers general recommendation. Hi Jacob for charging AH battery you require a charger capable of 50 amps for initial charging and there after around 10 to 20amps.

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Hi christy i will mail you full details soon. Please my dateline is approaching fast. Or can the circuit above handle this? Hi Seetharaman, I really like this post,i really like the way you explain in brief when there is a question. I would like to know if i can email you my circuit which i have seen from a different website using the SCR to charge a battery. I want to email you this circuit,my lecturer says i can use the circuit but i have to modify it.

Hi Rajesh the same circuit appeared earlier in Circuitstoday can be used. The relay used is a power relay with 35 amps contact rating. It Any tops lookin today easily handle upto VA. I want to know only that, Is this circuit is used to any 12v 7ah battery?? Or only to lead acid battery. Hi Want to go to the charger game This can be used for a car battery trickle charging.

Full cycle Charge 12 volt 10AH battery. That is 25 amps. Butcharging voltage to be limitted to Hi Sundeep you can charge any 12 volt lead acid battery up to 30AH capacity. Hi Nichupin normally dry cells cannot be charged. Hi Jim kindly go through the following site it will give you useful information on charging the battery. Hi Jim Jimenez this will charge 12volt battery only. Hi Jr Panchal you can use the same circuit for charging 10amp battery also. HI Seetharaman, IS there a possibility of adding a toggle switch for 6 and 12 volts charging and toggle switch for slow and fast charging in this circuit.

Hi Marron R2 D4 is for ripple charging for topping up. D1 D2 Q1 is for Want to go to the charger game the charging current the diodes are used for sharp switching and isolation. D3 is for protecting SCR gate cathode junction against reverse bias during Q1 conduction. I need 12v lead acid battery charger with low bat and full indication and adjustable charging current. This is the first time i am visiting this site. Its really very interesting where our doubts are answered.

I would like to Want to go to the charger game a circuit for making a home brew Inverter VA. I am a HAM and know comething about electronics.

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Hi Me Please Sioux Falls intimate encounters through the following site for your requirement. Charging Lithium Ion Batteries are a bit complicated one.

If you donot take proper care you may damage the battery permenetly. Hi is there some one tell me how can I assemble a lithium battery charge? Hi Robert Connect the secondary of the transformer to a bridge rectifier and then feed it the SCR circuit.

Hi I like this circuit and want to build one. I need help understanding how to fully rectify the voltage. Any help for this hobbyist? I am looking for a 12v sealed lead acid battery charger circuit, the battery must operate leds ,and when the battery goes below 10volt, switches off automatically, it must now be charged again to its full capacity, and so on and so on.

Looking forward in hearing from anyone, thanks a lot. Hi Vinu what is the battery voltage and AH rating. These are the safe limits as recommended by the battery manufacturers. Hi Kim you are right if the charger is off and only the battery is connected the wrong way. I agree the diode is ultimately not going to serve any special purpose. If Want to go to the charger game reverse the battery the fuse will blow indicating the problem.

Without R6 Want to go to the charger game entire voltage will appear across the thyrister the current will shoot up and it may blow the thyrister before the fuse.